Our Specialties & Offered Services

Residential Home Sales

Collectively our team has 55 years of combined experience in residential real estate sales. We love being able to help people through the process of selling a home or getting them into a new one! 

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Vacant Land Splitting and Development

Do you own or live on a larger piece of land that you are thinking about selling and want to maximize its market potential?  We specialize in analyzing land to see how it can be divided. We do all the research needed to determine the maximum number of parcels your land could be divided into. We have well cultivated relationships with many municipalities allowing us to quickly get the proper information to determine exactly what can, and can't be done, with your property.  Armed with that knowledge we then make sure to correctly convey that information to prospective buyers to realize the property’s full potential for you as the seller.

New Construction/Remodeling

We aren't afraid to get dirty!


Our team has a lot of construction experience which includes a licensed residential builder. We can help with an investment flip, a fixer upper, simple repairs to get a property ready to sell, or build you a brand new home!


Want to move a business?

Looking for a good location to start a new one?

We can help with that too!

Sheriffs Sales and the Foreclosure Process

The foreclosure process can a terrible situation to go through.  We’ve helped over 100 clients through the foreclosure process. Our extensive experience, knowledge, and established processes allow us to educate the homeowner of their rights, inform them of the different options moving forward, and then assist them through to the end goal of recapturing the equity of their home.  We can help you too if you are finding it difficult to make ends meet.